Can Boro be Record Breakers?

When Boro scored their second goal against Tadcaster on March 23, fittingly scored by top-scorer Ryan Blott, they edged closer to a goal-scoring record.

It was their 116th league goal of the season.

Since the NCEL being in the early 80s, a handful of teams have scored 100 or more goals in a season.

Boro set a record of 121 goals in a league season in the 08-09 season in division one, beating the previous record of 120 held by Parkgate in the 06-07 season in division one.

Bridlington Town eclipsed that league in the premier division in 09-10 with 123 goals.

With six league matches left, and only seven goals required to beat the record, Boro are odds-on to smash the record.

The 124th goal of the season will break the record.

And people say the Premier League is the most entertaining league in the world? Not in terms of goal-scoring it isn’t!


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