The complete season stats for 12-13 – Stats Update, 20 5 13

Well, what a season!

136 goals scored in 48 matches. An average of 2.8 goals per game no less.

Goals conceded came to 61, an average of just 1.2 per game.

A total of 197 goals in 48 games – more than four goals per game.

That’s entertainment for you!

32 wins from those 48 games. 10 draws (including the NRSC), and only six defeats – only three of which came in the league.

And of course, the most important stats – Boro finished two points ahead of their nearest rivals Brighouse Town to take the title.

Not only does that show the vital nature of the win at Brighouse on the 13th April, but also the comeback to 4-4 at Worksop, the wins by tight one-goal margins at Nostell, Staveley and at home against Bridlington and Pickering.

Sure, the 10-0 at Lincoln, 6-0 at home against Worksop and 7-1 against Long Eaton were key also – but the closer games matter all the more with just a finishing tally of two points more than our nearest opponents.

Boro used 43 players in the season – the most of any season since the club was formed. This was largely down to matches for reserve players in cup games, and early season cameo appearances before players left to try elsewhere – 17 of the 43 players played in three games or less. 26 players could therefore be classed as more regular squad members, although only 7 or 8 could be classed as season long regulars.

Linked at the bottom of this article are the full season stats, as well as an updated goals record for Ryan Blott (who finished the season as the league top scorer by one goal), and an updated all-time stats record.

While it has been nigh on impossible to keep up with the junior team matches and scorers, I have finalised the Reserve team results and scorers and added them also to the site – linked below. Apologies to the junior team bosses and players for lack of updated results, although I will be more than happy to add them in if you can send full season results and scorers to I have also updated the referee league table.

As for the continuation of this site next year… who knows?

My time and energy is required elsewhere now, away from the pleasurable yet time-consuming world of SAFC stats. I may continue with the stats as Boro head into the Evo-Stik, or I may not. I’ll decide over the summer. If anyone out there would like to help me with this website next season and beyond, please give me a shout. It’s a fairly simple job updating stats, although it can be hard at times to get details that others may find trivial, such as the date of birth for a player who played once then disappeared, or the minute in which the number 14 replaced the striker away at Liversedge in the league cup!

The site will remain online however, and, like the Number 10 Sports Photography galleries at , will remain in place for posterity, even if never added to again. For those unaware, I am giving up match photography this summer, to concentrate on other areas of my life and other commitments.

Thanks to everyone for your support with SeadogStuff this season. I hope you have enjoyed the articles and stats… if you have, please leave me a comment below – just to boost my ego if nothing else! 🙂

A few final stats for this season from the website’s point of view:

SeadogStuff articles have been viewed over 9,000 times during the season (9,134 to be exact). The most views in one day was the day the site launched – August 12th – when we had 496 unique viewers! The highest month’s readership was October, with over 1,700 views. SeadogStuff has been viewed in 44 countries, with 8,400 views coming from the UK, over 100 from the USA and Ireland, 50 from Spain and views also from such countries as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Croatia and the Cayman Islands! Boro fans on holiday, or Seadogs from afar!? Either way, I am happy to have spread the word of SAFC around the globe via this site.

So now you want me to shut up and give you the stats right? It’s what you came here for after all!

Thanks to everyone for their support this season over the past six years with SeadogStuff, Number 10 SP, and everything else I have been involved with which involved Scarborough Athletic FC.

Until next time….


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Playing stats


Ryan Blott goal record

12-13 Reserves stats

Updated All-time First Team stats

Unofficial League Table of Referees



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