About this site

Welcome to SeadogStuff. A fan site for followers of Scarborough Athletic FC.

I’m James. I’m Scarborough Athletic FC’s former communications director and programme editor. I’m passionate about football statistics. I want to know how many times a player has been subbed, or how often a goal has been scored in the 75-90 minute part of a game.

I love remembering games, goals and players. What happened when, who scored that goal, who suffered at the hands of that ref.

It’s great chatting about all this stuff at matches, or in the pub on a Saturday night, or in the car on the way to such places as Arnold, Thackley and Liversedge.

But, as we are constantly reminded, we are in the digital age. So, where better than to collect all my (and others’) memories than on a blog site such as this?

I hope as many Seadogs as possible will contribute by means of comments on posts and suggestions for items to cover on the site in the categories I have chosen so far – games, goals and players. If you have any other suggestions for new categories, shout up. The site isn’t set in stone, and any changes for the better will be welcomed.

I will keep the site current with a stats page from the current 12-13 season, along with random posts when an statistically-based idea or thought hits me.

I’ll also furnish the site with match pictures via shots I take at games under the Number 10 Sports Photography banner. Links for the various No10SP sites are featured on the right of the site for ease, along with other football and SAFC sites I enjoy perusing. I have a personal archive of 1000’s of SAFC pictures which I will also share within posts. Again, any suggestions or requests, shout up!

The site will be updated when possible. There’s no set date for posting posts, as it were, but I will aim for at least one memory for each of the three current categories a month, and current stats will be updated when time allows.

This site is completely unofficial, and is in no way connected to Scarborough Athletic FC itself. It is purely a fun site for sharing memories, stats, pictures, and, maybe the odd opinion.

Every effort is made to ensure information in posts and statistics are correct. If you know of something that is incorrect please inform me. All efforts are made to ensure photographers are credited.

Contact me about this site or anything else at seadogstuff@gmail.com

Hope you all enjoy the site. James.


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