The biggest (East Coast of Yorkshire) derby in football!!

When the NCEL Premier Division fixtures are released at the start of each season, all Scarborough Athletic and Bridlington Town fans look for two specific fixtures first – the Queensgate derbies. When this season’s fixtures were released, the matches were scheduled for the end of October (Boro’s home match) and the end of March (Brid’s … Continue reading

Watch out! Jimmy’s about!

The Scarborough News announced yesterday (Dec 21 2012) that former Scarborough FC player Jimmy Beadle had signed for Scarborough Athletic FC. It’s a signing that had been rumoured for some time, given Jimmy’s connections within the Boro camp; he’s a good friend of winger Robbie Hawkes, and played with Ryan Blott, Denny Ingram and Tony Hackworth at … Continue reading

RIP Brian France

I had intended coming online this evening to update the 12-13 season stats. But as I logged in to the SeadogStuff admin site a text flashed up on my phone. The stats would have to wait. It was a work colleague, texting me to let me know former Boro manager Brian France had passed away. … Continue reading

MEGA Stats Update! – November 7 2012

Well … hasn’t it been a while since the last SeadogStuff Statistics Update? I’d love to say it was because I had been sunning myself abroad, on a tropical beach somewhere, palm trees fluttering gently in the ocean breeze, a cocktail or two quenching my thirst in the 30 degree heat, etc, etc. But alas, … Continue reading