All-time Playing Statistics

The document linked below charts the entire playing statistics of all players who played for Scarborough Athletic in competitive matches since formation until the end of the 12-13 season.

It lists the players numerically in order of appearance. Where two or more players made their début as starters in the same game (for example all 11 starters in the club’s first ever game), priority is given in shirt number order, from 1 to 11. Competitive games include all league matches, cup matches in league competitions, cup matches in FA competitions, and matches in FA senior cup matches. Friendly games do not count, nor do any abandoned matches where results do not stand.

All fixtures were re-visited and tallies made for each player on a match-by-match basis, consulting match reports and the Scarborough Evening News were needed. This document is the only completely accurate document in existence.

Link the following link for the document:



10 thoughts on “All-time Playing Statistics

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  8. Good stats and interesting to read. You havn’t given any goals to Jimmy Gacheim
    I’m sure he scored at least 2 at home

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