East Coast Derby Links

It’s the most anticipated match of the season – the East Coast Derby. This season, part two of the derby games falls on Easter Saturday, after Boro beat Bridlington in their home game on Boxing Day. There are numerous links between the two clubs – not least the fact they share a home ground. Here, … Continue reading

Can Boro be Record Breakers?

When Boro scored their second goal against Tadcaster on March 23, fittingly scored by top-scorer Ryan Blott, they edged closer to a goal-scoring record. It was their 116th league goal of the season. Since the NCEL being in the early 80s, a handful of teams have scored 100 or more goals in a season. Boro … Continue reading

Back on top – Stats Update 23 3 13

It’s been a while folks. Apologies. Sometimes, football stats take a back seat to other priorities. Enough boredom, you are here for stats. Boro went back to the top of the NCEL Premier Division with a 2-0 win over Tadcaster. It was the seventh win in a row – a record for the club in … Continue reading

Can We, or Can’t We?

Apologies to all for the lack of stats updates recently. This will be rectified soon. By way of an apology, here is an article I wrote for the Boro fanzine Abandon Chip!, assessing (via guesswork and very little extensive research) the financial implications of SAFC being promoted this season. Constructive comments are welcomed. Feel free … Continue reading